Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer below, why not contact us here.

What abilities do you cater you?
Easy As Pi is designed to improve the Mathematical understanding of all it's tutee's. I help students who find Mathematics a struggle through to those students who would enjoy enrichment or extension activities.

Do tutee's get homework?
Yes, most weeks there will be an hour of work required outside of our scheduled session. Parents are encouraged to help/supervise where required.

What does tutoring cost?
Fee's range from $44 to $48 per 75 minute session. See the Rates link for more details.

What sessions times do you have?
Currently I am working from Monday - Friday,and will operate session from 4.00pm til 8.05 pm
I would like to talk to you about my child!
Please contact me on (021) 043 1614  anytime. If I am unable to answer, please leave a message and  I will return a call as soon as possible. Alternatively drop me a message via email on 

What happens if the student can't make a session?
If a student can't make a session then a catch up lesson needs to be arranged with Brian, as lesson charges will still be applied to absent students.

What happens if the tutor (Brian) can't make a session?
I will aim to supply at least 24 hours notice to all clients/families. No costs will be charged.

What should a tutee bring to each session?
Any notes, examples or questions that have caused concern since our last session.Well organised tutee's will bring along a series of questions that they want help with.