Here is some information on pricing. I have 2 options for you to choose from so you can choose the option that best suites you.

Option 1: Casual : one off lessons
If you wish to pay weekly this is $40 per 60 minute session

Option 2: Full time Client for the term.
The price for  a full time client is $35.00 per 60 minute session. Each full time client will be enrolled for the 24 hr online support with www. Ixl. Com, usually $99 for individuals. 

Once a student becomes a Full Time Client, then an invoice is produced for that term. If a student is absent from their allocated lesson then charges are still applied however a lesson of instruction is owed to the client. The Client must talk to Brian to help find a time when a catch up lesson may occur.

I am happy to accept cash, cheques or use internet banking, whatever means best suits your personal circumstances.

Each session I will keep a log of the learning objectives taught and any homework issued.